It is our delight and pleasure to inform all Good Food Ireland blog followers that we have just experienced the taste of the first Irish strawberries of summer!  From West Cork to Wexford and all over the land, these red berries are finally making an appearance. Taste currently is not quite as sweet as we’d like them to be – but if you try some and find the same thing – a day at room temperature gives them that extra bit of lusciousness. Don’t panic though – as the season progresses we will see a change in flavour – when days get warmer berries develop into full on fruity specimens with the zap of natural sugar taste we all love. Whatever your first impression of this year’s crop is – we here are only too happy to be saying yahoo and hurrah to the final confirmation that summer has officially arrived in Ireland! Break out the cream and bag a punnet of Irish strawberries from one of our Farm Shops now!!