World Cup fever is upon us. Time to get the beer (and the cider) out! We thought as the championship opens, we might have a bit of fun and compare the taste our Irish craft brews to some of the top teams and players in the championship Dungarvan Brewing Company Helvick Blonde –just like World Cup favourites Brazil, this one is  a pacy little number, light on its feet, full of surprises, and capable of turning the defense inside out. Dungarvan Brewing Company Black Rock Stout –  this has lots in common with the boys fom Spain – dark, handsome and oh so macho, with a magic winning finish Tempted? Cider –   This alcoholic brew of the forbidden fruit is so devilishly good,  it could be likened to Uruguay’s Luis Suarez. Pace and perfection combined with a few unorthodox moves which may well just win the cup! Stonewell Cider – elegant and stylish, this Kinsale brewed cider has all the professional breeding of the German team! Good looks matched with sophistication and pinsharp execution. It’s easy to attack the opposition with this kind of performance –  you can be sure the end result is always going to be on the button.