Did you know your autumn fruit bowl is a pretty spooky place? This festive Halloween season, you’ll find things in there to tempt the witches  to come calling.  What on earth are we talking about? Well, you may not think healthy fresh fruit could be an appealing thing for those who practice the art of witchcraft, but we’re here to tell you different.  See that bunch of bananas looking happy yellow and appealing? Doesn’t take much to make them spine chillingly attractive to those of the spell weaving, broomstick flying persuasion. Banana Ghosts are made from peeled whole bananas,  frozen solid on sticks,  then dipped in melted white chocolate and decorated with dark chocolate dots for eyes and mouth. Freaky fruit! What Wicked Witch hasn’t resorted to a poison laden apple to tempt the heroine into trouble? But we’re not wicked witches here at Good Food Ireland. We are witches of sweetness and light. We strive to conjure delicious treats –  not nasty tricks – at Halloween. Irish apples are plentiful as toffee apple season calls. Find out how to make them,  then get some tips on magical decoration ideas. Hundreds and thousands, crushed nuts, smarties and all sorts of other goodies can be studded into the toffee before it sets. Take a bite into the crackly coating and find the delectable sweet tastes of a ripe Irish apple underneath…. yum. Even the Wicked Witch would be hard pushed to refuse this injection of niceness! Check out our Halloween page link here for these and other ghoulish party ideas