As we write, there is a frost as deep and crisp and even as the snow Good King Wenceleslas allegedly saw when he looked out on the Feast of Stephen,  in the old festive Carol. We may not have had a white Christmas, but temperatures have dipped below freezing this month. It’s quite a pretty sight, to see the grass glistening under the frost. Not so pleasant to be scraping the ice off the car windscreen first thing in the morning, in the pitch dark and with fingers getting frostbite by the second. So we reckon some substantial winter fuel for the inner person is necessary at the end of the day. New Year healthy eating regimes don’t have to go out of the window to feed yourself well in winter. Pulses like beans and chickpeas make a great base for vegetable stews, adding much needed protein and texture in place of meat, for those who have decided to cut down on meat after the Christmas excess. Tomatoes, chilli, garlic and spices add warmth and taste. Heat yourself from the inside out these cold days! What’s your favourite winter warmer?