The Annual Good Food Ireland Awards,  which take place at the end of each year,  honours the best of the network’s offerings. All Good Food Ireland Approved Providers are at the top of their games in providing traceable Irish ingredient led menus and a quality dining experience. In essence, a true taste of the region. Not an easy job then,  to pick winners from these prestigious ranks. Criteria is stiff. Competition is rife. Of course everyone wants to win. And deserves to, in our books. But outright winners and highly commended establishments must be chosen each year. What do we look for?  Tough call. Excellence in food offering.  The highest standards in professional service and food knowledge.   A passion in the air almost tenable in it’s presence – that feeling which makes the hair on the back of the neck prickle in excitement.  In every case – eventual award winners and highly commended establishments are chosen from the full list of Good Food Ireland’s highly esteemed collection of Approved Providers,  because they have created a total experience with something extra, something extremely impressive, something quite unique in the finding. Over the next while we’ll be showcasing some of our award winners and highly commended establishments for 2013. We hope you will make it your place to visit them during their award-winning year.