We’ve all enjoyed this prolific summer season where greenhouses and tunnels flourished with leaves, herbs, Mediterranean vegetables, tomatoes, soft fruits and a plethora of peas and beans. Winter has arrived and these foods are but a distant memory! Traditional root veggies like carrots and parsnips have taken their place. Pumpkins and squashes of the Halloween season are still with us. Irish apples from this year’s harvest are still in the shops. Golden swedes and vibrant green cabbages line the shelves of our farm shops. We’ve also already spotted the first  Brussels Sprouts of the year. Can Christmas be that close already?!Eating seasonally is a big part of the Good Food Ireland ethos at all our Approved Provider establishments. The earthy fresh produce of winter make dishes that warm the cockles of the heart. We won’t mourn the passing of the plentiful summer harvest. Instead we’ll celebrate the arrival of winter crops which create very appropriate flavours of the month. Hearty stews and casseroles, spicy curries, warming soups, substantial risottos all help to battle the winter blues. Crisp celery, crunchy cabbage, juicy apples, onions and winter lettuce make colourful and textureful salads and slaws packed with valuable vitamins.  Eating seasonally ensures we support Ireland’s farmers and growers – and get a true taste of the food calendar as each quarter comes and goes. Winter is not so bad when you have these rustic treasures to bring to the kitchen. November eating means comfort on a plate. Let’s enjoy it!