Don’t tell anyone we told you this. We know of a secret venue in the heart of Dublin where cloak and dagger shenanigans are the norm on Thursdays to Sundays. Suffolk Street is the place. Pacino’s is the venue. The Blind Pig Club has back door entry via coded access for loyal members. A top class mixologist makes cocktails with style. Paul Lambert is his name. He joins Propietor and General Manager Michael Martin and Chef Patron Luca Mazza as part of the dynamic Pacino’s team. Paul has won several awards for his cocktail making.. At The Blind Pig Club, this Executive Director of Mixology  serves classic cocktails from the 1920’s. The Blind Pig first appeared as a pop up restaurant a couple of years ago. Now it’s a permanent attraction, named after the police who turned a blind eye to liquour bars in the 1920’s during America’s prohibition era. So if you are a fan of Pacino’s and want to be part of the secret society at The Blind Pig, check this link for details, cocktail and food menus. When you’re in, you’re in….