Here’s Patricia Farrell, showing us how it’s done! Handmaking the finest chocolate treats is Patricia’s forte – and our idea of heaven! At Wilde Irish Chocolates, Patricia and her team spend all day most days concocting new ways to make chocolate taste even better than it does already. The kebabs in this picture consist of pink and white marshmallows, dipped in smooth white chocolate and covered in strawberry sprinkles, dried from fresh strawberries. Looks divine and tastes divine. Other kebabs in the Wilde collection include a mixed skewer with marshmallows, fudge and fruit jelly, dipped in milk chocolate and scattered with hazelnut nibs, or marshmallows coated in milk chocolate with white chocolate curls. Hard to choose. On our recent visit, Patricia was also telling us enthusiastically all about her new dark 99% chocolate bar, which contains only the tiniest amount of sugar in the making process.  This is a high quality bar which contains 99% cocoa butter giving a deeply intense in flavour, for those who really want to taste their chocolate just as it comes, without any adornments whatsover. A bar for purists! It’s proving an extremely popular choice among the 30 bars made at the factory and shop in Tuamgraney Co. Clare. Pay a visit, get a serious insight into the passion and knowledge of a professional Irish artisan chocolatier, and taste some of Patricia’s creations before browsing the shelves for your own selection.