Ireland’s dairy industry as long been recognised for it’s quality.  Milk is produced by contented cows,  grazing in fertile and plentiful pastureland. In days gone by, cream was removed and hand churned to make butter. Buttermilk was produced as a by-product. This went straight to the kitchen for making the brown bread. Cream and yogurt were also farmhouse specialities.  Ireland’s artisan makers have rejuvenated some of the time honoured methods of dairy production. Yogurts are still made on the farm in some areas. Wexford is one of them. Killowen Farm Yogurts are made on a long standing family dairy farm. The Dunne family farm is two centuries old, located in a picturesque spot at the foot of the Blackstairs Mountains. A large herd of happy Fresian cows produce the milk and the yogurt is made on site. It’s so good they even rave about it in London. Killowen yogurts scooped Great Taste Award Gold Stars in the UK Capital recently,  for no less than six products. See our latest news piece on what products were honoured and how the judging process works. In the meantime, how do you eat yours? Here are some suggestions: Killowen Greek Style Yogurt over bananas, strawberries and granola for a healthy breakfast A little pot of Killowen Yogurt with Wexford Blackcurrant or other fresh fruit puree in your lunchbox or summer picnic hamper Killowen Greek style Yogurt on robust stews and spicy soups for a finishing touch. Killowen Greek Style Yogurt as a marinade with garlic and mint for lamb chops You’ll come up with your own ideas no doubt!