Until the mid 1600’s,  St Stephen’s Green in Dublin was a marsh on the edges of the city. Animals grazed its landscape.  In the 18th Century, fine Georgian houses had been built around it’s perimeters.  The park was used by the wealthy as a place of leisure. Old walled  boundaries were replaced by the gracious railings we see today. The general public was not allowed access until the late 1800’s.  St Stephen’s Green in its current layout is a product of time, with various changes taking place over the years. Fusillier’s Arch, the duck pond, formal gardens, fountains, statues and many other features attract thousands of visitors each year, as well as providing a green space for Dublin city workers and dwellers to wander amidst its beauty.  Not far away from all this urban splendour, Restaurant FortyOne @Residence is offering a superb dining experience specially designed to be eaten on the Green. A picnic basket for two, with delicious savouries, sweets and drinks, is available on just 24 hours notice of ordering. A stylish way to enjoy lunch or an early evening supper on a fine day, and take in the delight’s of St. Stephen’s Green and it’s lively atmosphere. Check out our Events listings for a sample picnic basket menu, which includes organic seasonal salads and fruits from the restaurant’s own gardens. €25.00 for two. Offer runs till 31st August.