Today’s the day when American families gather together in  annual celebration of Thanksgiving.  Taking  place the third Thursday of November, this day is a day based around religion of centuries, when neighbours and friends gathered to be grateful for the harvest of the year. The day is a public holiday, and food still plays a major part in family get togethers. Turkey is the meat of choice for a Thanksgiving Dinner.  The feast is almost as big as Christmas Day Dinner, and certainly a practice run for December 25th! In olden times, bronze feathered turkeys native to north America were probably the birds used for roasting. Bronze feathered turkeys have made a comeback to the market in recent years. They are the Rolls Royce of turkeys, reared free range with slow growth to allow muscle to build and flavour to develop. A Bronze turkey will have dark feather stubbs still attached and this is quite normal – and in fact an indication you have got the genuine article! A magnificent centrepiece, bronze turkeys have plenty of meat on breast and thighs, crisp skin and slightly gamey flavour when cooked. If you are having one today to celebrate Thanksgiving today, we are licking our lips in envy! Enjoy every mouthful!

For those who would like to try a bronze turkey this Christmas, ask your local butcher if he is stocking them this year. Good Food Ireland butchers generally will have bronze turkeys – but orders will need to be placed pretty pronto – as these aren’t nearly so plentiful  as white turkeys.