Deep in the heart of County Wexford, there’s something to celebrate. Killowen Farm Yogurts have gathered a clutch of accolades from the Great Taste Awards 2014. Ten of the farm’s hand crafted yogurts made from the milk of the Killowen Dairy Herd, collected gold stars at this prestigious awards event in the UK. Killowen Lemon Curd and Blueberry yogurts, presented in glass jars, picked up two gold stars each, while Wexford Strawberry and Wexford Rhubarb gained one apiece.  Other Killowen yogurt products made for Irish supermarket chains also picked up stars. The brand won a total of sixteen stars for 10 products, among the 50 yogurt products that were tasted and also won awards. We’re very proud of the Killowen clan, for their hard work and dedication to making a local farmhouse product that has lasted through the years, and still continues to wow judges here and abroad. Well done to all! Read more about Killowen Farm Yogurt here