The first farmer’s markets emerged well over a decade ago. They provided a much needed platform for small producers and growers looking to sell their wares. Farmer’s markets forged direct and important links between customer and food supplier. Over the passing years, these markets have established choice and diversity in food for conscientious consumers. Far from being a ‘passing phase’, the market movement has grown to the point where most towns now have a local farmer’s market of stalls run by producers and growers from within the area. Market shopping is a great way to keep the local economy alive and thriving. Robbie Burns of Essence Bistro in Swords is young chef passionate about the use of local produce on his menus. He wants his customers to know exactly what they are eating and where it came from. He is proud of his suppliers. Rightly so. Robbie is now taking that ethos one step further, with the introduction of a new farmer’s market at Essence Bistro. Stalls will include his own suppliers, including north County Dublin seasonal vegetable growers, artisan bakers and specialist food makers, gathering on Wednesday 16th October for this inaugural market. We hope it will become a regular feature of the town, growing in stature and success to add to Ireland’s array of great farmer’s markets.  Well done Robbie and keep up the battle to serve and present local produce to the people of Swords. If you are nearby, make sure you pop in and support Robbie and the Essence team in their new venture to showcase the culinary offerings of the area. There’ll be lots of goodies to buy – make sure you bring a big bag!