We all love to feel we are getting something a little bit cheaper than it normally would be. That’s why sales are so damn hard to resist! A funny story recently heard was from a female friend who reported her spur of the moment shopping trip with her boyfriend in the after Christmas sales. They wandered and browsed and separated while she attacked the sale rails with gusto. Afterwards, she told him gleefully she had bought a designer top and saved she herself  70 euros.   He replied,  – ‘You didn’t save anything honey, you spent 100 euros’. Male logic. Bah Humbug!  Be that as it may – it won’t stop us going for the deal when we see one!  The good thing about the off peak season is lots of great bargains in the hospitality industry. Easy to grab a good value break in some of the most wonderful locations in Ireland.  Pre-summer booking and midweek specials equal cost effective luxury. Luxury is par for the course at Mount Juliet in Co. Kilkenny. Par for the golf course that is,  for those who like to swing a club. Mount Juliet’s world class golf course attracts pros and amateurs alike. That’s only the beginning. History. Architecture. Art. Landscaped gardens.  Outdoor pursuits like walking, fishing and equestrian. A guided estate tour. Fine dining in the Lady Helen Restaurant in the hands of a brilliant young chef. Cormac Rowe certainly knows his stuff. What else can we tell you? Oh yes. Thursdays till the end of April come at special offer prices. An overnight stay with dinner for less than 100 euros per person. All details in the Good Food Ireland offers listings. Last couple of weeks to avail so get a move on!