We all love strawberries! Most of all, we love strawberries that are Irish grown and served in summer. Yes, we can get strawberries all year round from all over the world – but who wants pretty average tasting fruit from the other side of the globe in winter?  No strawberry that could ever be flown half way round the world could taste nicer than a homegrown Irish berry at the correct time of year. Seasonal Irish strawberries are a real treat. The good news is – they are back. We know from growers in Wexford, home of the strawberry, that this year’s fruit are now coming into market. Good Food Ireland Approved Producers in Wexford include Green’s Berry Farm, Greenhill Farm and Kearns. All these growers are dedicated to growing the very best quality fruit. Grab your Wexford Strawberries while you can. The summer is upon us and the red berries are in demand from now till late autumn. Bring on  the taste of the season!