Chilli is said to be an aphrodisiac food. Probably because fiery red chillies look pretty sexy! Plus the spicy heat from the volatile oils contained in chilli peppers is said to get the heart pumping and the blood flowing. Eating chilli causes a slight flush to the skin and may even bring a little bit of a sweat on as you dine! You may not like very hot chillies. But we’ve got the very thing to chilli spice up your Valentine’s Night this year. Tastefully Yours Sweet Chilli Sauce combines the subtle heat of red chilli flakes with a Thai style sweet chilli syrup, a sweet and hot combo to add a bit of fire to the proceedings on February 14th. Pair it with some artisan created Irish charcuterie from the meat selection in the Good Food Ireland Online Shop and you have a quick and stylish platter for two, to serve with crusty bread.