We have already spoken about rhubarb in this blog in January. That was when the first sticks appeared. Season well underway now. Most local shops have it in stock. A couple of euros buys you a big bunch. What to do with it? Recipes for rhubarb tarts and crumbles are fairly well reported. Fools and mousses are also delicious. On a savoury note, oily fish like mackerel and trout appreciate the crisp acidity of a rhubarb puree on the side. So does roast pork with crackling and roast duck. We have another idea for how to serve rhubarb this season.Kilowen yogurts from Co.Wexford are artisan farmhouse yogurts. Rhubarb makes a good topping or stir through for the Kilowen Natural Yogurt newly available in our online shop. To prepare the rhubarb,  simply trim the sticks of leaves and stalk ends, then chop the pink bits into small pieces. Poach with enough water to cover, a good grating of fresh ginger, strips of zest from an orange, and a generous amount of sugar to taste. Cook till the rhubarb is soft and pulpy.  Allow to cool. Serve the yogurt in little glass dishes, topped with a layer of cooled poached rhubarb. A good morning wake up sprinkled with granola, nuts and seeds for crunch. If you fancy an easy and elegant dessert, you could have a look at our Lemon Posset recipe and swap the raspberry puree topping in the picture for your poached rhubarb instead. Our seasonal approach to recipe tweaking!