The message of good food begins in a home kitchen. It’s amazing how many of our top chefs are still inspired by childhood memories of the meals their mothers cooked. Simple starts which have given Ireland’s leading culinary lights the passion to get ahead in a competitive cooking arena. How many of those mothers could have known that the everyday skills of home cooking and baking they shared with their youngsters, would aspire their offspring to greatness in the gourmet stakes? When you take the time to teach a child the basic techniques – and more importantly, instill a joy in making good wholesome food – you just never know where it will lead.  Tara Walker of The Tasty Tart Cookery School in Co.Louth knows all about enthusing the younger generation in the kitchen. She may well already be responsible for inspiring a few food stars of the future. This summer, her Cookery Camp for kids was hugely popular and highly successful. Tasty Tart Classes are held in Tara’s own kitchen at home. The friendly and informal environment is the next best thing to children learning beside their own mothers. The relaxed and friendly Walker approach is accessible and easy to understand for school age children. Most of all – it’s creative and fun! Tara’s own passion stems from her involvement in working in her family’s hotel business – and digging in with the kitchen chores in summer hols. No finer woman to be taking a bunch of eager beavers by the hand and putting them through their paces in her kitchen. Next course for kids at The Tasty Tart is the 3 Day Halloween Cooking Camp, 30th October-1st November. All the high jinx of the season will be captured in an informative way – with some valuable food lessons learned, and hopefully, some great memories and aspirations created! Click on the link above for booking details.