SPUD U LIKE Ireland celebrates it’s favourite vegetable

Today is National Potato Day! A day to hail the humble spud. We've asked a question on Facebook this morning about how you like yours. There's lots of lovely pictures of different potato dishes to choose from. It's surprising how versatile potatoes really are. The classic way to eat them in Ireland is as they come, straight from the pot, with lots of butter! But there are many other ways to enjoy. From potatoes roasted in goose fat, to dreamy gratins, golden crisp croquettes, crispy chips, spicy wedges, fluffy mash flavoured with spring onions or whole grain mustard,  trad colcannon or champ – we could go on and on! New season Kerr Pinks are now in the shops, perfect for mashing and roasting. Roosters make good chips and wedges. Will you be celebrating National Potato Day today? We will!!