Despite the light frost that may have been on your car windscreen this morning – a new season is definitely here. A turn in the weather of late has convinced us the dark days are over and there’s summer to come! This is made official at one o’clock in the morning, on Sunday 30th of March. Irish summertime or Daylight saving time starts then, when the clocks are turned forward to 2am. That means the daylight hours in the evening are longer from now till Midusmmer’s Day on 21st June. Lots to look forward to in the rest of the spring and coming summer season. We’ve already seen gardens burst forth with spring flowers, birds gathering twigs for nests, and little lambs gamboling in the fields. Foragers have begun their search for wild free food like wild garlic and nettles for soups and sauces. Gorse and Hawthorn blossoms will be next to be picked. Growers are harvesting salad leaves and herbs from polytunnels. The season of plenty is revving up in style! Don’t forget to turn those clocks forward this weekend. In time for Mother’s Day!