March is almost upon us. this is the month when things finally start to feel as if Spring has really arrived. the last couple of weeks of February has seen the emergence of crocus flowers and daffodil buds. The birds are getting themselves ready to find a mate and build a nest. In fact, every male creature is displaying the signs of the season when ‘A young man’s fancy turns to love.’  In Fermoy, north Cork, Ballyvolane House has some pretty fun things planned for Spring. A time when the estate looks magnificent, with new plant growth, forest flowers in the woods, and the start of another prolific season in the Walled Garden. Justin and Jenny Green tell us all about it in The Food Issue newsletter. There’s a list of exciting events you may want to pay attention to.  Including a WineMaker’s Dinner in March, a food styling and photography day in April, and a recipe for glamourous Rhubarb Martinis which are a seasonal speciality of the house.  Follow the link above to read all about it for yourself!