The sun has got his hat on this last few days! This weekend sees the clocks go forward, so the ‘grand stretch’ in the evenings will get longer from now on. It’s a wonderful time of year. Birds have their nests built and are set to welcome their new broods anytime now. Baby rabbits will be hopping in the meadows in the next few weeks. Irish hedgerows are bursting into life – promising new buds on wild blackberry bushes suggest a good harvest for autumn. Brand new leaves on trees and shrubs  bring bright green colour to a drive through a leafy country lane  or a walk in the woods. And our favourite plant of all this time of year, the gorgeous Pussy Willow with it’s long branches of fluffy tails,  is the seasonal decoration for Easter flower arrangements.

Of course it’s traditional to do a spot of spring cleaning when the sun starts to shine. In terms of our membership, this usually means new menus full of seasonal flavours and great offers to welcome the longer days. At Aqua Restaurant in Howth, you can sit in a stylish dining room overlooking the sea and Ireland’s Eye just off shore, and enjoy the finest seafood catches from local boats. A great place to welcome the long evenings. Spring@Aqua is a new seasonal offer for two people, find details on our offers listings.