Aphrodisiac foods have been sought out by humans in pursuit of passion for centuries! Colourful exotic foods work magic in the brain, evoking thoughts of romantic destinations in far flung places, while eating spicy foods has very positive side effects for the nervous system and responses. For example, Indians have long believed nutmeg increases sexual interest (and activity!). Those partial to hot chilli will know it can cause the heart to race sligthly, give the skin an attractive subtle flush, and increase blood flow. Without getting technical we’re sure you can appreciate why that might be useful on Valentine’s night! Spices of all kinds have long been thought to benefit health and induce the feelgood factor. Garlic has plenty of health benefits and when consumed mutually, need not be a passion killer! Chefs at Chakra by Jaipur in Greystones, Co. Wicklow have devised a wonderful five course menu of signature spicy Indian dishes, cooked and presented in their own unique style,  specially for Valentine’s weekend. Browse the menu hereSpice things up and get in the mood for love!