We all know about the turkey and the goose as traditional meats of Christmas. In Ireland, spiced beef also has a big place on the festive table. Spiced beef is a longstanding Christmas favourite in Cork. The marinating of prime joints of local beef in fragrant spices for many weeks gives a succulent joint full of winter flavours after cooking. You can eat it while still warm, or cool and slice it for cold buffet spreads. We are lucky to have one of Cork’s top Spiced Beef makers on the books at Good Food Ireland. Tom Durcan has been making the stuff for a quarter of a decade. He’s got his secret recipe just right. His stall in the English Market is currently loaded with spiced beef joints which suit all sizes of party this celebratory holiday. Tom has been marinating his beef for some weeks, so it’s perfectly infused with his own exclusive mix of spices. All it needs is a slow simmer over several hours – ask the butcher himself and he’ll tell you exactly how long your chosen joint needs. If you feel lazy but want some spiced beef for quick sandwiches over Christmas, Tom has even devised cooked, pre-sliced Cork Traditional Spiced Beef in a handy pack. A ready to go product  which needs nothing except a bit of chutney to go with it. Mr.  Durcan will be very happy to welcome you to his butcher’s stall in the English Market in Cork City – you;ll get what you need and a bit of Cork craic and humour thrown in. If you don’t live near Cork, you can pick up spiced beef from other Good Food Ireland butchers near you. It may be a Cork tradition, but the good people of the Rebel County are quite willing to share their time honoured traditional feast with the rest of the country! Check our list of shops for a Good Food Ireland butcher near you, to order your joint in time for the holiday. Our online shop also features pre cooked and sliced Guinness and Cider Spiced Beef from Jack McCarthy, another of our esteemed Cork butchers, based in Kanturk. Orders taken up to 19th December.