Slow Cooking

No better investment for a busy  cook than a slow cooker. This amazing electric one pot device isn’t just another kitchen gimmick. It’s usefulness knows no bounds. Owning a slow cooker is like having another pair of hands at the stove. Simply prepare and place all the ingredients for a stew or casserole inside, then walk away and leave it to bubble slowly all day while you are out or at work. You’ll come home in the evening to the wonderful aromas of a family dinner, ready to dish up and eat. You’ll find this wondrous machine in any good electrical shop. Not expensive and probably the most efficient thing you’ll ever own. This recipe uses chicken and seasonal veggies in a gloriously simple stew.  Always try to find free range chicken and leave it on the bone to add extra taste.  We have producers  in our network who concentrate on farming chicken the old fashioned way, so you get meat with the taste of yesteryear about it! Perfect for this supper. But you’re not limited to chicken. Slow cooking this way helps make the most of the cheaper cuts of beef, lamb and pork and works brilliantly for duck too.Your imagination is all that’s required as to what you put with them to create a fabulous meal with minimum effort! Winter Chicken Stew Recipe