Today is the day when we look at the carved up turkey and wonder what to do with the leftovers. YOu’ve probably got a few favourite St Stephen’s Day recipes tucked away. Or else you’ve invited an army of friends and family to finish the remains of the big bird off. We have our own tips for you if neither of these is the case!Whole legs can be frozen and used for soup or a casserole at a later date. Defrost them before using and never refreeze meat that has already been frozen. Aside from the customary sandwiches, leftover breast meat is great for risotto, curry, stir fries, gratin and quiche type tarts. The carcass is a must for making stock. Simply pop it into a generously large saucepan. Cover with water. Add washed carrots, a halved onion with peel still on, a few slices of leek if you have it, fresh parsley and a few peppercorns. Bring to bubbling then, cover with a lid then turn down to a gentle simmer for an hour and a half. Skim the surface regularly to keep it clear. Strain the stock into a bowl. Discard bones and flavourings. When the stock has cooled, skim off any surface fat, then freeze it in batches to use as and when you need. The same treatment can be used for duck or goose carcasses also.Leftover ham makes a great brunch dish – slice it and serve on toasted muffins, topped with soft poached eggs and a ladle full of Hollandaise sauce – for a classic Eggs Benedict. Spiced Beef is brilliant for posh canapes. Slice the cooked meat wafer thin and use to top crusty croutons – or better still – little Yorkshire puddings. Add a bit of red onion marmalade or a chutney of choice and away you go for a posh party nibble!