Summer’s end means a bountiful harvest. Long hot days have yielded polytunnels full of produce – salad leaves,  tomatoes, beans, peas, cucumbers, courgettes, peppers and even chilli peppers in adventurous cases. Onions and homegrown garlic are slowly drying in garden sheds.  Fields are producing great carrots and the first of the Kerr Pinks potatoes which will sustain us through the winter. Pumpkins and squashes are plumping nicely in straw covered vegetable patches, ready for an autumn harvest and Halloween. Gather a selection of seasonal veggies for a gorgeous late August salad.  Whatever you put into your mix, it needs a suitable dressing representative of this time of year.  Irish Garden Herb Oil from OHCo is it. Remove the lid and close your eyes.  Smell the fragrant scents of an Irish cottage garden right under your nose.  You can hear the bees buzzing and the birds singing.  Summer is never over with a bottle of this in the pantry.  Not even on the darkest winter days.  Available in the Good Food Ireland Online Shop.