The damp muggy weather at the start of autumn has been replaced by typical October crispness. Halloween is looming. Trick or treat costumes are already being thought about in great detail. What will you wear this year? While you’re thinking, we can tell you that the seasonal vegetable of this time of year is starting to make an appearance in shops. Pumpkins are spreading their glowing orange colours across the land. Soon they will be carved into spooky faces to celebrate the witchy eve! Squashes are also arrivng – speckled green ones, bluey grey ones, burnished amber ones, and golden butternuts. All these in varying sizes make terrific decorations for autumn window floral displays and Halloween party table settings. Not to mention the superb eating they provide.  Soups, stews and risottos are all the in the realms of possibility when you have a squash in the vegetable basket. Butternuts are particularly good in curries. Acorn and Crown Prince squash have firm nutty flesh. Miniature versions are wonderful baked whole, with a gorgoeus Irish farmhouse cheese filling the cavity where the seeds have been scooped out. A few chunks of squash in a meaty casserole add seasonal tastes. Squash and pumpkins blitz perfectly for super smooth velvety textured soups too. Embrace this family of veggies at home. The squash and pumpkin patches of Ireland have been prolific this year. Enjoy them to the full.