Cork city is dominated by the majestic River Lee. It starts as a spring in the mountains around Gougane Barra in County Cork, then gathers pace and size as it teems down through Macroom and on to the city. In town, it divides the citizens of Cork down the middle – northsiders and southsiders – depending on which side of the river they live. Visitors to Cork take strolls along its banks. City workers and shoppers move by foot, bus or car across it’s bridges,. St Patrick’s Bridge is the central bridge linking the northside of Cork to the wide shopping area of Patrick Street. Some walkers crossing this old stone bridge even stop to feed the seagulls that wheel above the water. A leisurely pastime for an early morning or lunch time break. At certain times of year, the city section of the River Lee is a hive of activity for school and university student rowers, hobby canooists and the like, as well as the ships that sail in and out of Cork harbour on their journeys to and from the sea.  It’s a landmark river, no doubt about that. It’s history and importance to Cork goes beyond anything we could have room to write here.Just off city centre, on one of the two channels of the Lee that flow into Cork, lies an equally majestic hotel that takes its name from this river. The River Lee Hotel, formerly Jury’s, now part of the Doyle Group,  is a modern building which takes inspiration and energy from the river outside. The heated outdoor terrace has the river running in front of it. A nice spot to spend an evening with a drink and a listen to the babble of the water as it goes by.  The Weir Bistro and The Weir Bar are named after the weir to the side of the hotel. This can be seen from the dining room and from some of the bedrooms. The pair of swans who live here permanently by the weir, often paddle up and down and preen themselves for guests delight! Here is a hotel which combines Cork’s rich river heritage with state of the art levels of luxury and comfort, Cork produce on the menus, a professional Irish management team who exude warm hospitality, and international staff who speak a multitude of languages. A true blend of tradition with modern convenience here. Just a short walk from the city centre, where the Lee can be enjoyed in all its glory. No wonder there was a song written about it – Cork dwellers will often croon about life ‘On the banks of my own lovely Lee…’  The River Lee hotel generously shares those banks with all its guests. Something to sing about.