Our Facebook post yesterday asked what foodie New Year’s Resolutions did you make for this year? There were a few comments, including one from Barry Liscombe, Head Chef at Good Food Ireland’s Pub of the Year 2013-2014, Harte’s Bar and Grill. He resolved to teach his young children the values of home cooking. A very important lifeskill to give this new generation. Others who commented said they were going to attempt to eat more healthily. That’s a fairly common resolution for anyone after the excess of Christmas! Anyway, we got to thinking about how we might try to help those out there who made that decision on January 1st. After a meat fest during the last few weeks, we recommend introducing more fish to your diet on a weekly basis. Experts say eating fish three times a week is extremely beneficial to health. Of course, vegetables are also important nutritional inclusions to any diet. Five a day keeps the doctor away – so they say! It might sound like a lot of crunching to be done to make your way through five healthy portions of veggies. But a glass of juice and some fresh fruit with breakfast constitutes two helpings. At lunch, a bowl of salad with your chosen snack or main course adds another boost. Dinner time can include an extra two or even three vegetable portions without much bother. Before you know it, what seems like a regime will become a pleasant routine. Drinking more water is another dietary benefit.  A minimum of eight glasses a day is recommended. Recent commentary suggests a glass of water each morning helps kick start the internal organs into action after a night’s sleep. And a glass before bed may be thought to prevent heart attacks and strokes, according this latest report. Whether the experts are right or wrong is anyone’s guess. But there’s no arguing with the fact that lots of water plumps up skin, cleanses the system and generally adds the feelgood factor to a person’s wellbeing. . Hopefully these few small tips will get your healthy eating resolutions off to a good start. Do let us know if you have more to add to them!