Epiphany is the official name of today, the 6th of January. It’s the day whe,  in religious terms, the revelation of God in the human form of Jesus was made to the world. Epiphany celebrates this revelation, and the visit of the Three Kings bearing gifts to the Holy Child. In Ireland, this day also has another meaning. Women’s Little Christmas is a long standing tradition, harking back to days gone by. During the Christmas period, women did all the work while the men relaxed and enjoyed themselves. On the sixth of January, roles were reversed. Men were left to look after themselves while the women of the family gathered to enjoy their own day of relaxation. This sometimes even meant women were allowed in pubs – normally the domaine of their men. Oh those bold girls! In modern times, Women’s Little Christmas now means a day away from the cooker and a trip to a restaurant. Female family members and friends still uphold the tradition by gathering together for a girly day out. Quite right too! Some old fashioned observances are well worth maintaining!