Big May moon. In a still blue evening sky, after a long warm day. Clouds tinged red from fading sun. This writer takes a walk. Gentle dog at heel. We come across a dairy herd. Grazing, munching and ruminating. One cow is foraging under trees, snuffling out wild herbs. Another attacks the leaves of overhanging branches enthusiastically. Yet a third stops in her tracks as we pass, blades of grass hanging from her soft mouth as she watches us curiously. All the girls decide to line up at the ditch, in the hope of extra treats to enjoy from the passing strollers. A peaceful scene. This is why Ireland’s dairy and beef is so good. Freedom. Fresh air. Rich pickings. Isn’t that what every domesticated farm animal deserves? The creatures who feed us, feeding themselves. Our dairy and beef producers appreciate this simple existence. Their herds are contented creatures. As a result, come Ireland’s artisan cheeses, yogurts and butters. Succulent  steaks, roasting and stewing beef. Prized produce from the Producers under the Good Food Ireland banner. How lucky are we? For a full list of Good Food Ireland meat producers visit here For a full list of Good Food Ireland Dairy producers visit here