Lots of talk about strawberries this season – they are always referred to as the fruit of an Irish summer. Raspberries never get the same publicity! Our homepage as a beautiful picture of raspberries – thank you to The Butler’s Pantry who supplied it. We think these little pink fruits more than step up to the mark to give strawberries a run for their money! Raspberries are elegant berries – subtle sweetness with just a tiny bite of acidity to give a satisfying flavour to their soft flesh. Serve them with cream for a quick pud. Sprinkle them over morning muesli. Use to top fresh meringues and cream, poach them slightly in a little water to just cover, then cool and use as a base for a natural yogurt pot, just like in the pic. Specially good placed in the bottom of a flute glass, before you top with champagne or prosecco, or even alcohol free sparkling elderflower presse. Revel in raspberries this season!