As we write, pink tulip heads are bobbing in a gentle April breeze. Rays of sun on the grass are creating their own spectacular light show. We think we also saw the  Easter Bunny, hopping along happily, enjoying the sunshine and making plans for hiding chocolate eggs in many a difficult to find spot! No doubt you’ll find a few this coming weekend. Have you seen our special Easter Offers link on our home page? If not, click it now! We have many Good Food Ireland Approved Providers ready and waiting to take the strain this long weekend. Giving you space to relax and enjoy their warm hospitality and fabulous food. There are places to retreat to, in the deepest heart of rural Ireland. City hotels waiting to welcome you. Stately Country Houses with grounds to explore. Easter Egg Hunts and all sorts of magic that happens this time of year. An Easter Break Good Food Ireland style involves lots of local food and surroundings that melt away the humdrum.  You’re bound to find something to take your fancy.