Quick Easy and Healthy

Healthy eating is always high on the list of New Year’s resolutions. Perhaps yours have already been broken? Don’t worry, here’s a little something to get you right back on track! We were saying yesterday that the countenance of early January makes you feel sluggish and slow. We’re only just getting over Christmas and all the heavy and calorie laden foods we consume during the holiday season. Couple that with the short dark days and gloomy weather and you’re bound to feel like not doing very much. What you need is a food boost to get you bouncing again. After all the meats of Christmas, the digestive system tends to slow down. It can take a while for your body to process all that. Hence the contribution to sluggishness. This recipe is a meat free treat – a spicy Thai style curry loaded with winter veggies, garlic, and ginger – ginger is a great thing for digestion and it’s taste peps up the palate too. Chilli heat clears the nasal passages and gives a whoosh of invigoration to the whole body.  There is coconut milk in here – if you want to watch your waistline then choose the light version which has less calories. Look to Good Food Ireland’s farm shops like Tinahely, Kate’s Farm Shop and others for the best in seasonal winter veggies – carrots, parsnips, spinach, purple sprouting broccoli and chard are all around now,  so use whichever you like best.  The ones in the recipe are just a guideline to get you going. Rapeseed oil is a good medium for cooking – very many healthy properties and light in taste so it doesn’t mar the flavours of the curry. Try Donegal Rapeseed Oil – a good all round cooking oil for any purpose.  Click Here for this delicious Thai Seasonal Vegetable Curry Recipe