The People Choice

At our Good Food Ireland annual awards in November 2012, the food lovers of Ireland were united in one view. The winner of the Food Lover’s Choice award, voted for in droves on Facebook, was Kai Café and Restaurant in Galway City.  Jess Murphy is a chef to be reckoned with – the mistress of conscientious sourcing has worked her magic in this casual dining location.  We are always impressed with all our GFI chefs and their keen enthusiasm for sourcing local.  This lady has won our hearts in a big way.  In her kitchen,  small amounts of seasonal fruits and vegetables from local growers, small holders and foragers, sustainable fish and shellfish from Galway Bay, ethically reared organic and free range meats from Ireland’s top producers, are used in dishes that sing creativity from the rooftops. Or shall we say the reclaimed scaffolding boards used to great effect for tables and seating in the restaurant!   Jess is not just a talent in the kitchen, but a whiz at interior décor on a budget!  Scaffolders be impressed – Jess has even trained an ex scaffolder in the ways of the kitchen, and boy how he rattles those pots and pans. We know another one that thinks her Sunday Brunch Fry is the best he ever tasted!  That’s saying something from men who are noted for their breakfast roll addictions! This time of year, you might find Oxtail Soup, Pot Roasted Pheasant and comforting Custard Tart on the dinner menu. So like we said, food lovers of Ireland,  are united in voting for a genius lady who brings real food to real people. Don’t miss the chance to see what they’re all raving about next time you are in Galway City.