We are very proud of firsts at Good Food Ireland. As the first marketing brand to bring together like minded business owners all over the island of Ireland,  who focus on the best of local food – we are now proud to announce the launch of The Food Summit, which will feature our top chefs, hotels, restaurants and producers. The Food Summit is the largest showcase of Irish food, a partnership between the Web Summit and Good Food Ireland. During next week’s gathering of technological experts on 30th-31st October, Good Food Ireland will treat over 10,000 guests to the best food in the whole of the land. Over 60 Good Food Ireland Approved Provider establishments and producers will dish out up to 400,000 tastings of food and drink. All of it produced here in Ireland, by our farmers, growers, bakers, cheesemakers, artisan specialists, fishermen, top chefs and Irish craft brewers and juice makers. Good Food Ireland has already done much to raise awareness of Ireland’s culinary status on the home market and abroad.  The Good Food Ireland brand is a guarantee of trust that what you are eating or buying has been made with commitment and dedication to local produce. The Food Summit is another opportunity to spread that word,  and reveal Ireland’s regional identity of food produce to a cast of thousands of international Web Summit delegates. We are happy to raise the Irish food flag and fly it high,  next week at The Food Summit, and every week of the year, for everyone who simply loves good food and want to support those who make, cook or produce it. So happy in fact – we are singing it from the mountain tops! We hope to see you and feed you at The Food Summit next week.