Bucket Lists.  Things to do before we die.  (Kick the bucket – that’s the literal origin  of the ‘Bucket’ List.)  At GFI, we decided there wasn’t much need to waste time pontificating about how long before we step off the mortal coil, and therefore, how much time we have to work through the Bucket List. Might as well get on with it now. There will be many things you want to do in this life. Climb Everest? Create world peace? Run naked across your favourite football team’s pitch before the match on a Saturday afternoon? They may or may not be achieved. But we’ve made our own Foodie Bucket List of ‘must visits’ and ‘must do’s’ for 2013. Definitely an achievable selection of goodies to choose from… Click onto our Good Food Ireland Bucket List for 2013. You’ll find a selection of ‘must do’s’ and ‘must visits’ before the end of this year!