Warm weather and non stop sunshine has turned us from a country of rain lashed citizens into quite the destination where al fresco eating is currently the norm! How many summers have we bemoaned the fact we couldn’t even get to the beach or countryside? That’s not the case lately. So make hay while the sun shines, as they say, and pack up a picnic!  Sligo dwellers and visitors are lucky to have Source Sligo on their doorstep. This three story establishment in the centre of Sligo town combines the best of locally sourced produce (hence the name) in a restaurant and wine bar dining menu,  plus important educational knowledge of food in the top floor cookery school. The little shop and deli to the front of the ground floor restaurant has all you need for a perfect picnic. How do you fancy the sound of Sushi Prawn and Noodle Salad, home made dips like pesto and hummus, great pickles and preserves for cheese or cold meats,  and even some sweet treats like homemade jams you can spread over Source home baked breads?  All portable treats to be packed up and taken anywhere you fancy, one of these fine summer days!