Guests at Irish wedding feasts have long heard the words beef or salmon when asked to choose a main course.  A famous Irish racehorse was even named Beef or Salmon because of this well known conundrum in dining options! Shane Sullivan, Executive Chef of The River Lee Hotel, has put the cat among the pigeons at the hotel’s Weir Bistro,  by offering a choice of Steak or Lobster this season. Our guess is it won’t be quite so easy to decide whether you’re a meat or fish person when you hear what’s on the plate. He has sourced prime 28 day aged 10oz Macroom Angus Ribeye Steaks from a butcher in Macroom town, and fresh whole Castletownbere Lobsters, pot-caught in Atlantic Waters off the West Cork  coast. Smart choices from a very smart Cork born chef. Even smarter is the price. A princely €20.00 gets you either main course, served with handcut chunky chips, green salad and a seasonal garlic and fresh lovage butter. Value for money or what? What’s your choice? Don’t ask Shane – they are both so good even he can’t make his mind up!  Hotfoot it down to Cork pronto – this seasonal promotion runs from Sundays to Thursdays. Prepare to be bemused in decision making! Have a glass of wine while you ponder on it. Red or white?