It’s all happening in New Ross. The town’s liveliest shop, deli and cafe is at the centre of a huge drive to deliver a great local food experience this summer, and put more cash back into the local economy in the process. Patsy and Philip Rogers, Owners of In a Nutshell Deli and Cafe Nutshell,  made a firm decision this year to extend the amount of business they do in the immediate locale. They already source many of the raw ingredients for their menus from local suppliers in the New Ross region. Superb Wexford fish and meats are part of the food offering here. But they’ve gone a bit further than that, in using a New Ross company to supply and embroider all the new uniforms for the staff. As a result, Patsy and her cafe team have beautiful new whites with the Cafe Nutshell logo emblazoned on the fronts and backs of jackets. Patsy is thrilled with the results, saying ‘ uniforms are a big part of our costs, so Philip and I decided we’d find a local company to do the new ones, so we can support the community that supports us here at the shop and cafe. We are so glad to be surviving in what has been a difficult few years for everyone, so we feel it’s important we show our support for other small businesses in the area.’ A great way of thinking and we couldn’t agree more.Cafe Nutshell also has a new look, inspired by creative thinking and the work of New Ross upholsterer. Patsy has given the dining space to the rear of the shop a facelift,  by painting her eclectic collection of chairs a beautiful light seaside blue, now adorned with cushions made by a talented girl from the town. Marine inspired images on walls are the work of local artists. The famous Cafe Nutshell beach parasols are still providing shade for rear tables, soon to be joined by giant beach balls hanging throughout shop and cafe –  for the fun of it! ‘She says, ‘They remind me of the days when every child had a blow up beach ball, and there’d always be tears when it eventually burst!’ New menus include a summer selection of juices and smoothies freshly squeezed and made in the juice bar of the deli. Served in jam jar style glasses with handles and lids and straws poking out of the top! A tapas menu has been specially designed by Patsy and Philip’s son, also a chef, who recently spent time cooking in Barcelona. These are served on tapas dishes made by Kiltrea Pottery in Enniscorthy. The Rogers’ own garden is supplying much of the fresh seasonal produce for menus – salad leaves and colourful edible flowers, new potatoes, courgettes and herbs are among the selection. ‘It’s so rewarding as a chef to be plating up what you’ve grown yourself.’, says Patsy. Tables are dressed with little posies of Rogers garden flowers. In July and August, Nutshell Deli and Cafe will be open on Mondays, giving a six day a week service. A fine local offering in New Ross, not to be missed this summer!