New Year New You

Gorge fest over. New Year’s Resolutions? Many will put healthy eating high on that list!  Breakfast is the main meal of the day.  It’s very name tells you so. Break-fast – means you are breaking the food fast of a night’s sleep by refuelling to start your day. The fuel you choose to put in your tank will determine what kind of start you have. Quick fix sugar packed cereals will keep you going long enough to start the car or get the bus to your place of work. After about an hour of toil, you’ll start to feel a slump in energy.  Does it sound familiar?  Commercial cereals for the most part are loaded with sugar – empty calories because when your digestive system burns the energy it provides,  it gives you a high, then a low as the energy runs out.  What you really need is a breakfast that will keep you going till lunchtime. That will stop you reaching for those sugary snacks and pastries at elevenses – and thus, avoid adding more inches to a waistline that may have already gathered some extra ones over Christmas. Porridge provides slow release energy – that is – the energy is released over a long period of time. So it gives you stamina to see the morning out. A warming bowlful on a winter morning really sets you up. You can make it up the old fashioned way with water,  for a very low calorie version. Or use low fat or whole milk to give a creamy taste and texture.  Sweeten it with a little honey – a far better form of sugar than refined grains. Top it with sliced banana for a really energy packed effect. After your porridge, you might feel like a little treat.  Killowen Natural Yogurt layered with Wexford Blackcurrant puree is a luxurious but healthy treat that won’t leave you feeling deprived.  Blackcurrants are one of the world’s superfoods and Des Jeffares of Mr Jeffares Blackcurrants is the only blackcurrant grower of scale in Ireland. Packed with vitamin C and vital antioxidants, said to maintain heart health, glowing skin and even prevent fatal illnesses like cancer. So there you have it – a delicious and very simple breakfast option that will put a real bounce in your step!