Never go shopping on an empty stomach

You know the score.  You’re starving. You go food shopping. You end up with all sorts of rubbish in the basket or trolley as a result. Biscuits, cakes, chocolate,  they’re all lobbed in there because your eyes are doing what your belly instructs!  It needs food – and fast. There’s a demonic little voice inside, shouting at you to buy fast food, right now! Shopping while hungry is one sure fire way to purchase and consume empty calories which are likely to pile on the pounds. The old saying ‘a moment on the lips – a lifetime on the hips’ is not said for nothing! Consider your body like a finely tuned engine – you can’t put bad fuel into it and expect it to run like clockwork and be sleek in the process. So take our tip. Make sure you have a wholesome snack before you do the food shopping. Grab a healthy sandwich with wholemeal bread which will fill you for longer than plain white bread  Have some fruit to follow. Then you’ll be totally ready for the trolley dash –  energy wise and sound of mind! Your inner engine will be purring like a contented pussy cat. As a result, you become a more discerning shopper, choosing healthy, seasonal and local ingredients over quick fix sugar laden foods. Your hips will thank you for it….