Mulled Apple Juice

 Irish Apples came onto the market in October – the harvest was quite late this year due to poor weather conditions in the growing season. However the fruit that made the harvest is worth waiting for – crisp and crunchy new season Irish apples are hard to beat.  As is the juice they make. Several of our Good Food Ireland Approved Provider producers make gorgeous Irish Apple Juice from fresh pressed farm apples. Drink it straight as it comes for a super zippy wake up call each morning.  But on these brisk and chilly November days, a good walk is made all the better by a warming glass of mulled apple juice on your return. Simply pour the Irish apple juice of your choice into a pan and stir in a pinch of cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg Add these to taste – it can be as spicy as you like.  Warm the juice gently with the spices till it’s hot but not boiling.  Serve in heatproof glasses with wedges of fresh Irish apple floating on top.