Mother your Ma this weekend

 As we said yesterday, this Sunday March 10th is the day to celebrate Mothers everywhere. Mother’s Day is honoured in many countries throughout the world – though not always at the same time of year. But the same sentiment applies – when busy every day life takes over – Mother’s Day is the one day we can all show our Mums how grateful we are for all their hard work during the year. How are you celebrating this coming Sunday? Traditional Irish gifts from old times include wild flowers picked from the hedgerows and fields on the way back from Mass and presented to Mammy at home. In the UK, an ancient practice was to make a Simnel Cake for mum – a light fruit cake topped with marzipan and decorated with 11 balls of marzipan on top – representing the twelve apostles minus Judas – so this tradition probably links to the fact that Mother’s Day falls during Christian observance of Lent. Of course cards, chocolates and professionally created bouquets are always in the mix of presents for modern Mother’s Day gifts. All mums welcome the opportunity not to have to cook on their special day! Plenty of our Approved Providers are ensuring your Mum doesn’t have to! A spicy feast is on offer at Royal Spice Indian restaurant in Kilkenny Town. Mother’s Day Brunch is being served in the five star surroundings of Hayfield Manor’s Orchids restaurant in Cork city. Stylish Brasserie Le Pont in Dublin puts the glam on it with lunch that begins with a complimentary glass of Bollinger champagne. Carrygerry House in Co.Clare welcomes Mums and families for a three course feast this weekend. The Malton in Killarney will transport your Mum to the glorious Irish railway era – thishistoric building was once a railway hotel and its magnificent dining room is the setting for a glorious Mother’s Day lunch – plus a special gift for all mums! No excuse really then, for her to have to rattle any pots or pans this Sunday! Cake makers and bakers in our prestigious network of artisans are taking orders for celebrational Mother’s Day Cakes and baked goods – why not go for something different like a tiered stand of girly cupcakes with pink icing and flower decorations – or a full on chocolate gateau she can enjoy with a cup of tea or coffee in front of the telly! Our food shops have put together beautiful hampers with all things nice all Mums love. Look at our list to see which providers are near you and what other genius ideas they have for Mother’s Day gifts this week. View all offers