Have you ever fancied your chances in the kitchen? Knocking up dishes just like a professional? Knowing when it’s exactly the right moment and way to do what in your cooking techniques is a skill working chefs possess in spades. They can be yours too, in just a month. At Lynda Booth’s Dublin Cookery School, four weeks of intense cooking can be the stepping stone for a career in food. Skills taught can be used to progress a dream of working in a professional kitchen,  starting your own small food business, or simply to impress friends and make a useful contribution to the cooking rota at home. Lynda says ‘people who come here to do this course begin to think like chefs.’ At the start of the course, students are at every level and from every walk of life. From Dublin taxi drivers who wish to be able to cook successfully at home and those who are looking to hone some basic skills, to students who are thinking very seriously about making a career move into cooking professionally. Dublin Cookery School’s One Month Certificate Course is taught by Ballymaloe trained Lynda and her school team, plus big name guest chefs such as Sunil Ghai (Pickle) and John Wyer (Forest Avenue – just a couple of top chefs who make regular appearances in the school demo kitchen. The next course begins on June 30th and runs till 25th July. In that short time students become confident and creative and ready to show off their newly gained skills.  If you want to take part in the next course,contact the school directly. Lynda and her team are happy to show prospective students around the school and talk about what you can expect to learn. Watch this short video on the school website to learn more.