Are you suffering from weekend lag today? That traditional Monday feeling as the start of a whole new week of work and household duties beckons.? If you’re a bit sluggish today, it may be time to resurrect your mojo with some feelgood food. We are what we eat, as the experts tell us. Fresh wholesome food is the best fuel for the busy engine of the human body. Superfoods are credited with energising and refreshing us in a way that promotes healthy wellbeing of body and mind. We have the very salad that may well cheer up your Monday. Donnybrook Fare cookery school have been concentrating on healthy eating in the last couple of months. This recipe for Roasted Superfood Salad certainly has bright colours and crunchy textures that look and taste healthy! Not a bad start. Seeds and organic sprouts mix with broccoli, sweet potatoes and beetroot to get the tastebuds excited. Access the recipe via the link above to our recipe listings. Most ingredients readily available from good food shops.