The feel of spring was definitely upon us yesterday! the sun shone for Patrick's Day Parades up and down the land. It seems the traditional belief  long held by farmers, that the Saint’s  Day on 17th March always marks  a change in the weather for the start of the new growing season,  is being fulfilled! With better weather comes a taste for lighter foods. We shed the need for rich meat based dishes like stews and casseroles to keep us warm, in favour of lighter, fresher flavours.  Risottos with seasonal young spinach and Irish farmhouse cheese, Pasta dishes with vegetables and fresh herbs, and warm  salads with grilled chicken or prawns stirred through noodles and strippy vegetables, provide a perfectly balanced bridge of taste and warming nourishment,   between winter eating and the full blown lighthearted foods of summer.  Glance through our Recipes section and find a range of dishes to please the palate this time of year!