The team at Good Food Ireland HQ in Wexford are not just pretty faces! Not only do they talk the talk of good fresh seasonal food – they can also walk the walk right into the kitchen – to knock up their own delicious dishes. This gorgeous recipe for Courgette Spaghetti is the work of a very creative and talented  team member.   Homegrown courgettes are easy to come by this time of year. We’ve been getting tender baby ones which are sweet and buttery in texture. Perfect for risottos, roasting or stirfrying. For this dish though, you need them a bit larger, to make it easier to make the spaghetti strands. In this recipe, courgettes replace the usual pasta spaghetti for lightness and taste, particular suited for low carb diets. As the recipe suggests, you can serve with traditional Bolognaise, or whatever spaghetti topping is your own particular favourite. Follow the culinary skills of the girls who work hard to bring you the best in local seasonal food from around the country – when you’ve tried this dish, we’re sure you’ll agree they know what they are talking about!