The sun has only just begun to shine and we’re only getting used to the long days. Yet the days will become shorter again from June 21st. This is the Summer Solstice, when the sun rises earliest in the year, and  reaches it’s highest point in the sky before sunset. We won’t start seeing the impact of it sinking again for another while.  Still plenty of time to enjoy the long days of summer and all the activities Ireland offers.  

During the night before and sunrise of the Summer Solstice each year, many gather on the Hill of Tara in County Meath, thought to be the seat of the High King of Ireland. The area contains ancient ring forts and monuments, a ring barrow known as ‘Teach Chormaic’ (Cormac’s House) and the ‘Forradh’ (Royal Seat). In the centre of the Forradh, a standing stone ‘Lia Fail’ is The Stone of Destiny. It’s said the stone could screech if the would be King met a list of challenges – a screech heard all over the land.  These days Hill of Tara  is a very spiritual place, home to the ancient races whose wisdom and way of using the land went beyond anything we know today. Many visitors come to soak up it’s atmosphere. Perhaps you will be one of them this year. Information on the Summer Solstice gathering at Hill of Tara can be found online at www.taracelebrations.org   Important to check the website prior to travel for  details, parking etc. Sunrise this year is at 4.52am. Thus begins the longest day.  

Should you decide to make the journey  – you might want to stop along the way at one of our many Good Food Ireland Approved Providers. Dublin offers several Good Food Ireland Hotels including The Merrion, Conrad Dublin and The Shelbourne in the city centre. All around an hour’s drive away from Co.Meath. In Swords, north County Dublin, Essence Bistro provides a welcome stop off for lunch or dinner on the outward or return leg. Chocolate fiends will adore Chez Emily in north County Dublin, where an artisan chocolate shop and café beckon.